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Have you endured years of darkness that have burst open the old shell of your past self? Do you crave with every ounce of your being to nurture that seedling emerging from your depths, to grow it into all of its new sprouts of being and seeing and creating that are just waiting to break through your deepest soils? Have you been yearning for a place where you can be accepted exactly as you are, yet inspired to step into all you know you can be? 

I have been creating something... EXACTLY. FOR. YOU.

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My Beloved Soul Family,

I created The Healing Circle, quite honestly, because it's about everything I've wished I had since I started waking up and it's everything I know the collective has been starving for in the connection-desert of our current culture; a tight-knit community of fellow ever-awakening beings who, not only wouldn't run at the mention of channeling your highest self or re-parenting your childhood wounds, but got lit up and leaned in at their mention; a peer mentorship program designed to help us remember our own inner-knowing through working with and fully utilizing the cycles of nature to help us explore ourselves even more deeply; a safe space to explore, stand in, and fully embody your highest truth AND weep on your knees in forgetting of the love that you are, and be seen as equally valuable, not in spite our humanity, but BECAUSE of it; a collective container apart from the toxic pollution of Facebook, where your group journal / "news feed" would be filled with the beautifully human news of your brothers and sisters real lives; a platform where the weather wouldn't be limited to clouds or sun, but would report on our astrological cycles and collective tides; a social network where communication wasn't limited to shallow comments and ego-driven debates, but was CREATED to facilitate connection through deep diving monthly question & dares and a face-to-face group video-chat room; a support system where healing didn't feel so alone and solely self-driven, but was given structure and made collective through weekly Tribe Circle Calls, purposefully facilitated monthly themes for inner reflection, philosophical and heart-expanding Movies Nights, and a Spiritual Book Club we can all use to explore ourselves together within.

You don't need to go at it alone any more beloved soul. Your tribe is waiting to embrace you. Let's walk each other home.



a Sacred Online container:

  • the Network
    + Independently hosted on our Private SOcial Network App!
    + Facebook, NEGATIVE news, & ad-free!
    + Designed with empaths/HSP in mind

    + 2 Resident Spaceholders
    + 2 Monthly Tribe Circle CALls
    + 2 monthly BOOK CLUB & MOVIE NIGHTS

  • the community
    + monthly Themes, Prompts, & EXERCISES
    + Live Group ChatRoom



A wealth of wisdom & support:

  • tribe Circle calls (2 Hrs each)
    + 1st & 3rd Thursday heart-share Calls
    + FRee & Themed Tribe DISCUSSIONs
    + Mentor Question & Answer Time

  • Book club & Movie Nights (2 Hrs each)
    + 2nd Thursday movie Discussion nights
    + 4th Thursday BOOK CLUB Meetings

    + Access to ALL Past Call Recordings!
    + Mentor-Curated COnscious Media Feed
    + Monthly Energetic Weather Reports
    + Monthly Personal Growth DARES

A space for genuine connection:

  • a SANCTUARY of non-judgement
    + safely SHARE YOUR innermost SELF
    + support your Resonant Soul Family
    + connect through true resonance

  • Inclusive. of. all. identities.
    + The Healing Circle welcomes or soul family of all abilities, ethnicities, gender expressions, etc. We embrace and celebrate all forms, and also love beyond All of them!

  • Sliding Scale Pricing for justice
    + full sliding scale pricing avilable to all new members!
    + Limited Dark Night of The Soul full-scholarships available via applciation.
    + temporary energency full-scholarships AVAILABLe to all members.

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Heart-Share Calls with Hsiao-Yen (2 hrs each)
Join us every 1st & 3rd thursday evening (EST)

  • Mentor introductions & Tribe call guidelines

  • Opening ritual & Intention setting Prayer

  • New Member Introductions & Heart-Shares

  • FUll tribe heart shares & Heart-Shares

  • theme, book, and movie of the month intros

  • Tribe Feedback, Mentor Q&A, and free discussion!


Movie Night Calls with Wes (2 hours each)
Join us every 2nd thursday evening (EST)

  • Mentor welcome & Tribe call guidelines

  • movie + Monthly Theme unpacking & Discussion

  • screening of selected clips from movie of the month

  • group share of personal reactions & resonance

  • Call to action to try the dare of the month

  • Tribe Feedback, Mentor Q&A, and free discussion!


Book Club Calls with Wes (2 hrs each)
Join us every 3rd thursday evening (EST)

  • Mentor welcome & Tribe call guidelines

  • Book + Monthly Theme unpacking & Discussion

  • Reading of selected Quotes from Book of the month

  • group share of personal reactions & resonance

  • Call to action to answer the question of the month

  • Tribe Feedback, Mentor Q&A, and free discussion!


THE WINTER QUARTER:  December + January + February
Integrating Our Pasts to Make Space for Our Futures

It's not our dark nights that actually cause us to suffer, but rather, the inherited stories we have bought into and retold ourselves about these phases that frame and color the way that we interact with and experience them. When we forget the divinity of our Winters, acting as if they were some setback to our growth to be gotten over, rather than an essential phase of growth to be utilized, we miss the priceless value that these periods provide. Our periods of darkness are not a punishment; they are an invitation to dive into our depths, where we keep all of the parts of ourselves that we have rejected or suppressed. When we can alchemize these abandoned parts, that often act out to gain our attention, by embracing/re-membering them back into our wholeness, we can finally make the space for the all of the newness we've been waiting for, and has also been waiting for us.

(1 Discussion/MONTH)

✷Heart-SHare Calls✷


The Wounded




(EXAMPLES OF CURATED MONTHLY Call themes & Media selections)


THE SPRING QUARTER:  March + April + May
Clarifying Our Visions & Cultivating Our Soils for Growth

Bursting with new life, it is our Springs that come to remind us of the two essential elements we need to grow what we most desire: 1) being in touch with what seeds we wish to plant and 2) understanding how to nourish those seeds to fuel their most optimum growth. So often when we do not grow, we blame ourselves, even if we have neither discovered which seeds feel most aligned for us to plant nor what soils would best support their growth. Never would we yell at an unplanted seed with no soil, rain, nor sun for not growing, yet we do this within ourselves every day. But when we can redirect our energy towards getting in touch with what seeds we truly wish to plant and what soils within our lives we can cultivate to support those seeds, we can begin to re-member our natural state of growth and the power we have as creators to create new life within ourselves every single day.

✷Movie Night✷
(1 Discussion/MONTH)

✷heart-share Calls✷


Your Journey

The Destination

✷Book club✷


(EXAMPLES OF CURATED MONTHLY Call themes & Media selections)

THE SUMMER QUARTER:  June + July + August
Embodying Our "Higher Selves" Into Form

So often within our culture of "self-improvement" we can unknowingly copy-paste its assumptions of never-ending "becoming better" and "doing more" onto the cycles of nature as well as our own cycles of growth. For just as with nature (no energy ever dies, but changes form), our most essential essence as spiritual beings never increase nor decrease, but merely molds into and experiences through our ever-changing forms. True enlightenment isn't about becoming more, but realizing that you're already All. When we can shift our focus from striving to manifest things "outside" of our our realities to prove our worthiness, to attracting different aspects of ourselves into our realities though remembering all we already are and can thus declare ourselves to be, we can create whole new lives for ourselves through the energy of appreciation rather than lack.

(1 Discussion/MONTH)

✷Heart-Share CALLs✷


With Intention

& Without





(EXAMPLES OF CURATED MONTHLY Call themes & Media selections)

THE FALL QUARTER:  September + October + November
Letting Go of All That No Longer Serves Us in Thankfulness

Admitting when we've lost our way within our society can often be misinterpreted as showing weakness. But the truth about getting real with ourselves and owning up to our misalignments is that finding out what we don't want is actually apart of the journey of finding out what we do! When we can hold up the mirror with ourselves, within a space of safety and self-love, we can begin to see where we may have inwardly underlying beliefs and outwardly manifesting patterns that no longer serve us, observing them and choosing again without shame. And when we can actually come to thank all of our misalignments for their ability to better refine our visions through showing us all we no longer desire or feel aligned in, we can actually begin to remember and thus experience all stages of growth as the divine pathways they are. 

(1 Discussion/MONTH)

✷Heart-Share CALLS✷


Your Energetic

Social Circle




(EXAMPLES OF CURATED MONTHLY Call themes & Media selections)



Hsiao-Yen | Founder & lead mentor
host of the Heart-Share calls

"Knowing the transformative alchemy that LOVE has had on the deepest darknesses of my life, I can't help but stand in the radiance my own EVOLution to inspire others to embody the same within themselves. Seeing the corruption and ill will of this world to be caused by systemic, but truly personal barriers that disallow love to function sustainably, I aim to create works and offerings that transcend limiting systems and paradigms and model new ways of being and seeing in the world to help others to recognize their own power to re-create their lives anew.
I AM The Way, The Truth, and The Life... and so are YOU."

Check out Hsiao-Yen @

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Wes | Co-Mentor & media curator
host of the Movie Night & BOOK club calls

"I’m a clarity junkie, Spiritual warrior, and meditation guide. In a world bursting with evolutionary change, I'm here to encourage you to stop complaining, find your personal power, and be the hero of your own life. But first, together, let’s gain insight on the limited beliefs that no longer serve us or humanity, and cut that sh*t out!" 

Check out Wes @

24/7 Access to our Members only app & Online community


// Mentor Support
on-call prayer / Support requests & mentor media feed


// Tribe COnnection
Write in the shared tribe journal or the Live Tribe chatRoom!


// Movie Night Calls
1 Discussion call
( 2 Hours Total )


// Heart-SHare calls
2 Group Calls
( 4 Hours Total )


// BOOK CLUB calls
1 Meeting Call
( 2 Hours total )


// Music Support
Consciously Curated playlist to support the monthly energy

// Monthly Themes
CURATED Monthly themes w/ Questions, Practices, & DareS


// call recordings
Full access to our entire Call history!
(60+ hrs of video)



"Hsiao-Yen is blessed with the gifts of intuitive leadership. As the recipient of her genuine, intentional desire to share her gifts, I have benefitted greatly from our relationship in only a very short time. As a mentor and guide she immediately led me toward confidently believing in my own sources of inner wisdom. With grace and genuine purity of intention, Hsiao-Yen channels from her own sources of energy and wisdom to guide me. This has helped me to begin uncovering my own hidden maps. Discovering Hsiao-Yen and The Intentional Life has been an incredible blessing and an experience I highly recommend. Any one of her available mentorships would be a wise investment for a person seeking to manifest and explore their highest self."

― Elizabeth Spring | Seattle, Washington

"In a myriad of what felt like a heavy darkness surrounding myself it was so refreshing and reassuring to work with The Intentional Life and the beautiful mentorship scheme she now offers. What an HONOUR to be able to share space with Hsiao-Yen. She mirrored back to me exactly what I needed in order to grow and expand into my own divine and sacred consciousness of all that is, as it is. I now remember to embrace my intuitive gifts and talents to serve the greater good and will be training as a shamanic healer to facilitate this. Honestly, words cannot even begin to express the amount of love I hold for Hsiao-Yen and the divine work and healing she is doing for people like myself. I encourage you to take the leap of faith and know that if you truly resonate with The Intentional Life, invest in yourself and experience how life has always been open to divine love, joy and wisdom in the now." 

― Koko Owusu | London, United Kingdom

"I cannot begin to communicate the deep gratitude I have for Hsiao-Yen and her work with The Intentional Life. Like an angel from the heavens, one of her posts showed up in my discover section in a very dark time and spoke DIRECTLY to my heart. As I dove into her Instagram, I felt like every single one of her posts was written specifically for me. That's when I knew that I needed to hire Hsiao-Yen immediately. Her rates were out of my price range, but something inside me just told me to do it. I am in tears just thinking about how different my life would be had I not taken that risk. I now feel more in touch with my own inner guidance than I ever have. She's so much more than a mentor. She's like the best friend you always wish you had, whose love intuitively knows when to give you warmth and compassion and when to hold up the mirror to yourself with brutal honesty. She really has your best interest at heart. Do this. You won't regret it."

― Aluna Rene Ashland, Oregon

(you will NOT be charged unless accepted for membership
payments for accepted members are charged the 1st of each month)

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On top of our 14-Day Money Back Guarantee that applies to all memberships + payment plans, the month-to-month commitment level allows for month-to-month payments that can be canceled before the last day of each month to discontinue membership.


Q: If I can't make the time of the live calls, can I still watch them after?
A: YES! All calls are recorded and are made available after to be viewed!

Q: How do (Partial) Scholarship Memberships work?
A: Our Partial Scholarship Memberships exist to give those who otherwise would be unable to afford membership the chance to become apart of our community. Scholarship Memberships range from $11 to $33 per month. Each season limited scholarship memberships available per tier. So to best increase your chances of acceptance, please apply to the highest tier you can afford. If you are unable to pay for membership, a few full-scholarship work-exchanges are available. To apply please email us at explaining your current circumstances and any skills you might be able to utilize for work-exchange.

Q: I received a promo code from you! How do I use it?
A: Promo codes can be applied on any of our regular priced memberships. Just select any of them and copy-paste your code your application!  

Q: If I feel this space isn't for me, can I cancel my membership?A: ABSOLUTELY! Resonance is our highest goal. So if you don't feel connected here, we fully support your decision to leave so that a soul who does resonate with us can join. We just ask that you cancel by emailing with your request before the end of your 14th day of membership, so that we can issue you a refund within the time frame of our 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Click here, for more on our terms of service!

Q: How long are applications for membership open?
A: Applications are rolling on a monthly basis. New Member Entry happens only on the 3rd of each month, so get your application in before the last day of each month to ensure your membership can be processed before the beginning of the next month!

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On top of our 14-Day Money Back Guarantee that applies to all memberships + payment plans, the month-to-month commitment level allows for month-to-month payments that can be canceled before the last day of each month to discontinue membership.

*** DISCLAIMER: We are not certified health professionals nor do we provide any medical, psychological, or psychiatric services. The Healing Circle is a spiritual support network of peers all seeking to learn and grow together as equals. Any and all insights and wisdom expressed within The Healing Circle are not intended to be nor should they be construed as professional advice, and should not be considered any more than personal sharing between peers. Any decisions you make, and the consequences thereof are your own. By joining The Healing Circle, you agree not to, under any circumstances, hold any member or facilitator liable for any actions that you take, any loss or cost incurred by you (or any person related or associated with you) as a result of information or techniques shared within The Healing Circle. Participation in The Healing Circle is not a substitute for medical, psychological, or psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, or care. To read our full Terms of Service go to: ***