How I Came to Create The Intentional Life


Like so many of us who have placed the weight of the world on our shoulders, I used to feel so split between giving my limited time and energy to either ‘save the world’ or ‘save myself.’ When I would focus on my inner growth I would either feel selfish in my sole focus or disconnected from the whole. But when I would focus on making myself fully aware and response-able for all the world’s issues I would either feel worn down from lack of self-care or paralyzed by the enormity of all I felt I had to tackle.

After years of perpetual deadlock in riding the pendulum between the extremes that prevented me from tackling either, I finally gave UP. It was the best decision I ever made. In my surrender, I discovered that the only choice I had to make was not between the world and myself, but between accepting or rejecting the false-paradigms and limiting beliefs that made me see fear, scarcity, and disconnection, where there was truly love, abundance, and interconnection.

I now know that unlearning our personal and collective illusions is not only the key to unlocking the fullness of life for ourselves, but for us all. When we as individuals intentionally release all that has been imprisoning us to unintentional outcomes that do not serve us, and cultivate and embody all we wish the world to be, we ripple the same into all the lives we touch... and they touch... and they touch.

We can bring peace to this world, and lucky for us it all starts in ourselves.


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