T H E   S E L F - L O V E   R E V O L U T I O N
A Course to Help You Transform Your Life From The Inside Out



Hello Beloved! My name is Hsiao-Yen (shāo-yen).
Three years ago I was totally lost. After 4 years of debilitating depression and 5 years of college, I knew less about what I wanted to do than before I began, and just knew I was not made for the 9-5 world. I had so much passion, but NO CLUE how to funnel all of my spiritually charged creative potential into a business that could not only make ends meet but make me come alive. That's when I started The Intentional Life. To my own surprize my small experimental project blew up to 10,000 followers within the first 6 months, and 30,000 followers within the first year. Now, within my tribe of over 50,000+ I work with beautifully aligned souls looking to overcome their own blocks, cultivate their unique voices, grow their online tribes, and manifest their divine projects and spiritual businesses into form.


You  A R E  N O T  a problem to be solved.

You are  a  b e a u t i f u l  m y s t e r y  to be re-membered.

My job is to awaken you to the mission you're already on.



The DISCOvery session (2 hours)

The Discovery Session is an introductory Skype Call where we dive into all that's pulling and pushing at your heart: your deepest wounds, your most vulnerable dreams, the demons pulling at your heels, and the angels calling you into your fullest expressions. This space is for you in put it all out there, so we can begin this intimate journey together from a place of true transparency, and I can show up to love and support you exactly where you are.

Introductory Offerings:
✚ Personalized Guided Meditation ($50.00 Value)
✚ Custom Created Morning + Nightly Rituals Poster ($75.00 Value)



Month ONE: remember your Purpose

Our first month together is all about getting clear and connected to the unfolding truth you've always known, but this life has caused you to forget. Deep down you know you're here to change this world in a major way. I'm here to help you get re-connected to the parts of yourself that know the way.

Session 1: Integrating the Old to Make Space for the New (75 mins)
Session 2: The Purpose in Pain & Your Life as Your Message (75 mins)
Session 3: Seeing The Compass in EVERYTHING (75 mins)

Monthly Offerings:
✚ Rituals For Living Dreambook + Planner ($50.00 Value)
✚ 3 Personalized Audiobook Selections ($75.00 Value)

MOnth TWO: Launch Your Brand

This next month's purpose is to translate all of your deepest desires and passions into a brand that will not only represent you and your vision, but impact your tribe, and flow with you as you change and evolve. Together we will create your launchpad for all of your future projects. 

Session 1: Letting Substance Create Your Image (75 mins)
Session 2: Copywriting From The Soul (75 mins)
Session 3: Manifesting Your Vision into Form (75 mins)

Monthly Offerings:
✚  Custom Website Design w/ Leadpages & Commerce ($2,500.00 Value)



MOnth three: Ripple Your Impact

Social Media has become the host of emerging collective consciousness. In this month, we dive into honing in on your authentic voice, building a connective Instagram community, rippling your unique medicine into the digital ethers, and spreading the message of your personal brand.

Session 1: Sharing The Medicine of Your Story (75 mins)
Session 2: Connecting With Your Online Tribe (75 mins)
Session 3: Cultivating Authentic Virality (75 mins)

Monthly Offerings:
✚ Custom Crafted Social Media Templates ($150.00 Value)
✚ 3-Month Subscription to my Favorite Social Media Tools ($125.00 Value)

The Integration session (2 hours)

The Integration Session is a closing Skype Call 2-weeks following the close of our mentorship where reflect on how our last 3 months together- highs and lows, successes and trials, goals shifted and dropped- have integrated and impacted you after the program. This space and time serves as our last hurrah, where we tie up any loose ends, and you get to ask me any last questions you might have.

Closing Offering:
✚ 3-Month Membership to The Healing Circle ($198.00 Value)


// 11 Mentor Calls
over 15 hours of
1-on-1 skype calls (w/ recordings)


( a $3,000 value )

// custom website
4-5 page website
w/ leadpage & commerce capacity


( a $2,500 value )


// weekly homework
& practices


( a $500 value )

// rituals poster
Custom created morning + nightly rituals poster


( a $75 value )

// insta graphics
3 customizable
social media


( a $150 value )


// digital support
UNlimited email
 & voice message support


( a $500 value )

// Book selections
3 personalized (audio)book


( a $75 value )

// social media tools
3-Month Subscription to my Favorite Social Media Tools


( a $125 value )


// tribe membership
3-month membership to The Healing CIrcle


( a $198 value )

// Guided Meditation
custom created
binaural beat
guided meditation


( a $50 value )

// Full Summit Ticket
5-Week Ticket to
The Changemaker's Summit


( a $75 value )



"Hsiao-Yen is blessed with the gifts of intuitive leadership. As the recipient of her genuine, intentional desire to share her gifts, I have benefitted greatly from our relationship in only a very short time. As a mentor and guide she immediately led me toward confidently believing in my own sources of inner wisdom. With grace and genuine purity of intention, Hsiao-Yen channels from her own sources of energy and wisdom to guide me. This has helped me to begin uncovering my own hidden maps. Discovering Hsiao-Yen and The Intentional Life has been an incredible blessing and an experience I highly recommend. Any one of her available mentorships would be a wise investment for a person seeking to manifest and explore their highest self."

― Elizabeth Spring | Seattle, Washington


"In a myriad of what felt like a heavy darkness surrounding myself it was so refreshing and reassuring to work with The Intentional Life and the beautiful mentorship scheme she now offers. What an HONOUR to be able to share space with Hsiao-Yen. She mirrored back to me exactly what I needed in order to grow and expand into my own divine and sacred consciousness of all that is, as it is. I now remember to embrace my intuitive gifts and talents to serve the greater good and will be training as a shamanic healer to facilitate this. Honestly, words cannot even begin to express the amount of love I hold for Hsiao-Yen and the divine work and healing she is doing for people like myself. I encourage you to take the leap of faith and know that if you truly resonate with The Intentional Life, invest in yourself and experience how life has always been open to divine love, joy and wisdom in the now." 

― Koko Owusu | London, United Kingdom


"I cannot begin to communicate the deep gratitude I have for Hsiao-Yen and her work with The Intentional Life. Like an angel from the heavens, one of her posts showed up in my discover section in a very dark time and spoke DIRECTLY to my heart. As I dove into her Instagram, I felt like every single one of her posts was written specifically for me. That's when I knew that I needed to hire Hsiao-Yen immediately. Her rates were out of my price range, but something inside me just told me to do it. I am in tears just thinking about how different my life would be had I not taken that risk. I now feel more in touch with my own inner guidance than I ever have. She's so much more than a mentor. She's like the best friend you always wish you had, whose love intuitively knows when to give you warmth and compassion and when to hold up the mirror to yourself with brutal honesty. She really has your best interest at heart. Do this. You won't regret it."

― Aluna Rene | Ashland, Oregon 

Early bird Pricing

Standard Pricing

Last Minute Pricing

Q: I would LOVE to work with you, but I can't afford it. Do you offer any discounts or more afordable programs?
A: I completely understand! My offerings are geared towards highly motivated emerging influencers who are itching to invest in themselves big time and understand that the more they put in, the more they'll get out. But if you're just not there yet, you can work with me at a much more affordable rate through my online tribe and group mentorship program The Healing Circle. Additionally, The Founding 48 Members of The Healing Circle receive an 11% discount on all of my mentorship packages!

Q: Wow, you only work with 2 clients 1-on-1 per season!? How can I increase my chances of being accepted? What are you ideally looking for in a mentee?
A: Yes I do! When I partner with you as a co-creator, you'll be on my heart and mind and in my efforts and energy so much more than the time of the calls we share together. Outside of the calls you can often find me creating customized homework and exercises for you, drafting up a designs for your Instagram or Website, or channeling messages for you from the divine!
What I'm looking for in an ideal client is someone who is bursting at the seems with spiritually oriented passion and purpose, who has an unstoppable drive to make this world a better place... BUT has too many ideas to focus on or invest in any one of them, has no clue how to transform all that potential energy into the form of an actual business, and is so ready and yearning for someone to just step in to guide them towards their own sustainable inner voice and knowing that will last far longer than the time we work together! In this sounds like you, I HIGHLY encourage you to apply!

Q: I'd love to dive into mentorship with you, but only one or two of the monthly modules is currently calling to me and aligns with my business goals. Would it be possible to enter into mentorship with you for only a month or two?
A: Maybe! My priority almost always goes to applicants who are looking to form more long-term bonds with me so we can really dive into full co-creation mode. But in rare circumstances I do make exceptions. So go ahead and apply! And if you're my IDEAL client (like I outlined above). Then the odds might just be in your favor!

Q: I'm SO DOWN to dive in and work with you for as long as possible! Can I book you for over 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, or more? How would that work?
A: Let's do this! If you sound like my Ideal Client and you're ready to make some massive changes to launch your highest visions into form, I'm ready to help you do it. In your application just specify that you'd like to work with me longer-term! If accepted, we'll dive into all of your grandest dreams and goals so we can co-create your very own custom mentorhsip. 

(Earlybird pricing closes June 1st @ 11:59pm EST)